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Melissa McFarland
Director Accounting, Serena Software

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I am Melissa. I work for Serena Software as their director of accounting. Serena is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and I work out of their operations office just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Before using Anaplan, we were trying to build these models and update them in Excel, and that proved to be very challenging, especially when it came to complex models with many moving parts. We would spend in excess of two to three days doing a single update on a model. Since we built that in Anaplan, that now takes about 15 minutes.

We have implemented several solutions with Anaplan. The first one was a maintenance revenue forecasting model. Serena is a matured company over 20 years in business, and we have a very large customer base that renews maintenance on a regular basis. That maintenance comes from various sources, and forecasting that revenue can be a challenge. So the first model we built was to take those different sources of revenue and bring them together into one cohesive forecast. We followed that up by building models to do monthly P&L forecasting, and we have just completed a model to do our annual operating plan.

My ‘aha’ moment with Anaplan came the first time that we did a monthly update on our maintenance revenue forecasting model. That process used to require days and at best, we would do the updates once per quarter because of the amount of time it took. The first time that I did a refresh of that data in Anaplan and realized I could complete the process start to finish in 15 minutes, I had my ‘aha’ moment.

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