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Nathan Tiller
Director Corporate Finance, Serena Software

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My name is Nathan. I am with Serena Software. We are a multinational enterprise software company located in San Mateo, California.

We had our entire financial planning, forecasting, budgeting built on Excel, very labor intensive, subject to many manual errors and very difficult to change, and we needed something that was faster and easier to use.

So for me, the ‘aha’ moment with Anaplan was I think when it suddenly hit me that there is no software to implement. One of the things that I see I get a lot of questions when I do reference calls on behalf of Anaplan and people always ask how long did it take you to implement. And until you can get to the point of understanding that there is literally no implementation, I don’t believe you can truly see the value of Anaplan but once that hits you, you see the true value of it.

And I don’t have any one favorite feature. The pure speed with which models change when you make one simple little change, even for extremely large models, the multidimensionality, the ability for anybody who has historically been a power user of Excel to build a model relatively quickly and easily, the intuitive nature of it, and then just some of the core functionality. Building models in Anaplan is very simple, intuitive, and anybody can do it.

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