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Stephanie Vogel, WW Commissions
Systems Program Manager, McAfee

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This is Stephanie Vogel. I am the Commissions Operations Program Manager. I loved Excel; I have been using it since college. I didn’t think any other tool would be as great as what Excel could do. I did have an ‘aha’ moment with Anaplan. I was actually very nervous about – I thought it would be more IT coding and programming than what it actually is. The formulas in Anaplan are very user friendly, easy to learn. And once I realized that, I realized what the tool could do. I am able to build my own reports; I don’t have to wait for an IT programmer to build the report for me out of one of our CRM Systems or our IT systems. Anaplan allows me to build my own reporting, do my own analysis and be able to run it month over month.

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