Territory & Quota Planning

Real-time, data-driven, collaborative sales planning
Ever wonder why managing your sales team’s territories and quota is so painful and the results so bad? Despite all the available technologies, territory and quota planning has been more about guesswork and edicts than data and collaboration…until now.

Planning sales territories and quotas is conceptually simple – put the right reps on the right accounts with the right targets. However, achieving it means analyzing tons of data and actively collaborating with sales managers on the front line…two things that are not possible using spreadsheets.

Territory and quota planning and optimization from Anaplan enables a new approach.

  • Build A Bullet-Proof Territory & Quota Plan
  • Optimize Against Real-Time Insights
  • Adapt to Disruption And Opportunity
  • Achieve Organizational Alignment and Buy-In

Anaplan’s powerful, in-memory data engine allows you to apply advanced analytics to your sales plan…at the account, product and rep level. Then, Anaplan lets your front line sales managers easily add their insights and knowledge to the data driven plan. The result is a single, living sales plan built from the best data and the collective intelligence of your sales teams.

Are you a Salesforce user? Territory & Quota is also available on the AppExchange.

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