Video Cheat Sheet: Overcoming Quota Challenges

Calculating quotas isn’t just about setting the right numbers. It’s also about understanding your people, facilitating goals, and inspiring teamwork. Mark Donnolo, managing partner of SalesGlobe and expert in the field of sales innovation, strategy, and coaching, recently joined us to share the latest best practices on aligning top-down revenue targets with bottom-up sales quotas. We condensed the full recorded webinar into this quick and easy video cheat sheet.

In the cheat sheet below you will:

  • Discover how companies are developing their quota plans
  • Find out how a company responded to a tricky sales quota and compensation situation
  • Review 8 questions to ask when confronted with a complex quota issue

1. What are the top quota challenges facing companies today?

2. How does your plan stack up against other companies?

3. What does successful quota distribution look like?

4. When a rep overshoots their quota: what do you do?

5. How do you resolve misaligned quotas?

Learn more about how other organizations navigate these challenges by downloading our sales planning survey, created in partnership with SiriusDecisions.