Whether developing new products, launching into new territories, rolling out new stores and increasing headcount, it is unlikely that analysis of past performance will yield many valuable clues as to future performance. Instead, organisations need to take the opportunity to fundamentally rethink the way they plan and forecast.

This Financial Director web seminar with Anaplan, the planning cloud for sales, finance, operations and HR discusses how businesses can use enterprise data – from corporate strategy all the way down to the smallest unit – to model potential changes, instantly see the impact and take advantage of every opportunity in today’s fast changing markets.

Strahan Wilson, Chief Financial Officer at EAT, joins a panel of experts to discuss how replacing the UK sandwich shop chain’s disconnected spreadsheet-based planning and reporting process led to higher sales, better productivity and better flow through of profit.

Key points around how real-time planning can support your business to be discussed include:

  • Improve margins
  • Alter your product mix
  • Add new distribution channels
  • Switch suppliers
  • Outsource production
  • Downsize/upsize operations
  • Manage headcount
  • Evaluate acquisition targets

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Callum Fuller

Moderator: Callum Fuller
Financial Director

Gary Simon

Gary Simon

Ian Stone

Ian Stone
UK Managing Director

Strahan Wilson

Strahan Wilson

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