On-demand webinar: Tips for aligning your business process and systems to support an accurate sales quota and comp structure

Hear how Intel Security consolidated more than 40 Access databases in Anaplan to manage the sales structure even as the sales force nearly doubled in size.

Learn practical tips for optimizing the business process and systems to achieve an accurate compensation and quota management process—and the ROI that can be realized. In this webinar, hear how Intel Security attained:

  • A streamlined territory and quota management, compensation calculation, and deal desk structure to support a global sales force of over 2,000 reps
  • A reduction in help desk requests from more than 1,000 per quarter to less than 50 per quarter
  • Shorter financial planning cycle times due to aligning top-down adjustments and bottom-up analyses
  • A world-class Center of Excellence (CoE) run by the GTM finance team that supports the global sales process and systems

Who should watch
  • Sales operations leaders who manage the compensation, territory, and quota reporting and forecasting process
  • Finance leaders overseeing the process and systems that support the sales team and deal structure—including territory, quota, comp, and deal deck
Featured speaker

Prakash Hariharan
Sr. Director of Global Customer Success, Anaplan

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