7 reasons to replace spreadsheets now

Wish you weren’t so dependent on arduous spreadsheets for planning, but overwhelmed when it comes to making the change? Not changing is costing you more than you think, and getting started is really not that difficult.

Join AdRoll’s Corporate Controller Stephanie Hsiung and Anaplan’s Director of Product Marketing, Finance Apps, Irina Lewis, as they share 7 key reasons you should, and can, replace spreadsheets planning sooner rather than later. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How and why you can easily make the change
  • The seven most common challenges customers just like you face
  • How you can successfully address the seven challenges

2015 could be the year you can really change, own, and streamline your spreadsheets planning process; join us and learn how.

Stephanie Hsiung

Stephanie Hsiung
Corporate Controller


Irina Lewis

Irina Lewis
Director of Product Marketing

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