Aberdeen Group Webinar: Data-Driven Sales Excellence

How the Best-in-Class Align People and Process with Technology

“My territory isn’t strong enough to make my number!” “Your sales forecast is pure fiction!” “Why are we double-paying commissions on this deal?”

These all-too-common phrases among sales leaders, sales operations managers and sales reps are clear indicators of inefficiently-run sales organizations, as well as of companies that fail to beat out the competition because their sales enablement practices are flawed or completely missing.

In this webinar, Aberdeen’s Peter Ostrow will reveal how Best-in-Class organizations empower their sales team with technologies and best practices that create optimized territories, accurate forecasts and better results.

Peter Ostrow, Aberdeen Group

Peter Ostrow
VP/Group Director, Customer Management | Sales Effectiveness Research Leader at Aberdeen Groupp


Bryan Bayless
Vice President of Finance at McAfee

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