Life in the housebuilding industry is all about planning: land planning, planning permissions, project planning, budget planning and forecasting. So why are so many housebuilders relying on inflexible legacy planning systems that don’t allow them to plan effectively or accurately?

No, we can’t understand it either. Especially not when the decisions based on these plans can impact your profitability for decades.

In this webinar hear how Crest Nicholson revolutionised its planning process. See how Anaplan can provide a single platform for planning for the entire lifecycle of a development project, from land appraisal right through to plot production.

Learn how Anaplan, working with partner Sempre Analytics, have delivered:

  • A scalable, future-proofed planning platform which allows for rapid changes
  • Better understanding of complex build projects and their financial impact on division and organisation
  • Plot level planning, with fully integrated cash flow, P&L and balance sheets
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