How Smart is Your Sales Plan?

A recent Aberdeen report on sales performance effectiveness1 reveals that there’s a large gap between best-in class firms and the rest of the pack when it comes to meeting quotas. While 84% of the best-in-class companies met quota, only 55% of average and 15% of laggard companies reported hitting their targets. This significant gap underscores the shortcomings in the typical sales planning process. While best in class sales organizations execute flawlessly on their plans, many others struggle to meet their targets, delivering consistently underwhelming results.

So what’s going wrong?

Effective sales plans rely on alignment across wide range of parameters: segmentation strategy, territory and quota assignments, channel management, performance targets, compensation strategies, revenue and expense forecasts, deal execution, etc. This alignment is not an easy task, thanks to the multiple inputs and decision points, from corporate levels all the way down to the account level. It’s a challenge to effectively integrate full data sets on rep coverage, quota, accounts, product mix, territories, overlays, and channel partners to create data centric plans.

Join us for “How Smart is Your Sales Plan”, the first of three webinars, bringing you industry experts to share what it takes to build a bullet proof sales plan and execute on it.

Jeff Brobst

Jeff Brobst
at McAfee

Kevin Josephson

Kevin Josephson
Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting

Attend this session and learn from industry experts how to:

  • Spot and adapt to sales disruptions such as attrition, churn, and coverage gaps early in your sales cycles
  • Combine disparate data streams in real-time to create and operationalize data-driven sales plans
  • Improve sales productivity and effectiveness by aligning all the moving parts of your process
  • Leverage on-the-ground expertise of your territory managers and collaboratively align top-down and bottoms-up inputs

What’s more, you will have a dynamic business model that can be easily copied and amended for scenario analysis. So join us on October 9 and hear first hand from Jeff Brobst and Kevin Josephson how easy driver-based planning and budgeting can be and how it transformed their budgeting and forecasting process. Learn how to take this important first step to becoming an adaptive and responsive enterprise.

1 “Beyond the Quota” Best in class deployments of sales performance management; Aberdeen Group January 2014 Peter Ostrow

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