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Though not all firms radically redesign incentive compensation plans each year, many make changes intended to drive significant behavior changes and shifts in sales force focus. This webinar, the second in a three-part series on sales planning, details how to ensure incentive compensation plan changes align with business goals, incentivize the right behavior, and are implemented effectively.

Featured speaker

Chad Albrecht

Chad Albrecht is a Principal at ZS and is a leader in the firm’s Sales Compensation Practice. Chad, a Certified Sales Compensation Professional, has more than 20 years of consulting experience with Hewitt Associates and ZS. He has helped clients create and implement motivational sales incentive plans, and set fair and challenging sales quotas in industries that include high tech, hospitality, business services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, telecom, distribution, and manufacturing. He is the author of several articles in industry publications, a regular speaker at conferences, a frequent contributor to ZS’s blog The Carrot, the co-author of The Future of Sales Compensation, and an author of Sales Compensation Solutions.

On-demand webinar