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Connected supply chain: Increase collaboration and efficiency

Supply chain leaders need to be able to quickly realign demand, supply, inventory, and capacity plans to deal with the ever-changing economic landscape. To manage this efficiently and to bridge the gap between supply chain and the rest of the organization, companies need to connect the overall planning process in a fully integrated platform.

In this webinar, Executit’s supply chain expert Christian Sandström and business solution architect Carl-Fredrik Surtevall will explain how to:

  • Connect your supply chain and contribute to your company’s decision-making
  • Achieve and optimize S&OP with your business objectives in mind

Additionally, they will share Circle K’s success story of how the fuel retailer used the Anaplan platform to connect its supply chain, resulting in a more accurate forecast to better predict the right stock levels.

Featured speakers

Christian Sandström, Supply Chain Expert, Executit

Carl-Fredrik Surtevall, Business Solution Architect, Executit

On-demand webinar