Next generation sales and business alignment: Driving past legacy integration

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In many organizations, sales metrics are typically driven by a sales-only view that can diverge from the company’s overall business plan at the detail level. This is the result of legacy approaches that have limited integration between sales and business operations metrics.

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, successful digital businesses can no longer afford to operate this way. Building truly connected sales plans and strategies that are tightly linked to enterprise performance management, CRM, and other critical business data ensures that every part of the organization is working together.

Watch this webcast to gain key insights into incentives and best practices for true sales and business alignment.

Featured speakers

Aaron Goldberg

Aaron Goldberg is a renowned industry and marketing analyst focusing on information technology, having spent more than 30 years working with senior executive management at IT vendors and with many IT professionals as well. He is well known for his succinct and realistic style and his ability to distill the key issues for end customers, marketers, and IT staff. He runs many face-to-face CIO roundtables, webinars, videos, and events for senior IT professionals each year. Topics covered include IT operations, cyber-security, mobility, risk management, servers, big data, virtualization, cloud, enterprise software, data center operations, business intelligence, and others.

Jason Loh

Jason Loh is the Global Head of Sales Solutions at Anaplan, where he has responsibility for the sales performance management and sales effectiveness line-of-business. With 20 years of experience across sales, consulting, development, and general management responsibilities, his mission is to help organizations align technology with behavioral economics and data science in order to maximize sales performance.

On-demand webinar