Forecasting in today’s data-driven and fast-moving business world often requires decisions in one hour, not days or weeks. Smart businesses plan and pivot faster, making more impactful decisions, while ensuring finance and operations teams are aligned.

Watch Mitch Max, partner at BetterVu, for a webinar sharing forecasting best practices of smart businesses. Learn how your organization can make timely decisions while also maintaining high levels of productivity and accuracy.

Attendees will discover:

  • How to build a continuous forecast cycle focused on the right drivers
  • Why forecasting needs to be a collaborative effort across sales, operations, finance, and other functions
  • How to make forecasts a part of everyday operational management for effective decision-making
Featured speaker
Mitch Max

Mitch Max

Mitch Max is a co-founder of BetterVu, a consulting firm specializing in the implementation of advanced performance management applications. For over 20 years, he has helped companies across a variety of industries improve performance using costing, profitability, and capacity planning methods. His current focus is on extending activity-based costing capabilities into forecasting and predictive analytics.

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