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Introducing the Essential C-Suite Role: The Chief Planning Officer

Frank Calderoni

President and Chief Executive Officer

What I have learned over the last year is that the gap between a company’s digital transformation plan and a dynamic operating business environment is quickly closing. Every company is looking for that competitive edge to make faster and better decisions, and we believe the role of Chief Planning Officer is essential to achieve those goals.

We can all appreciate that digitization priorities now extend to include corporate initiatives and the future workforce, not just IT, as outlined by Gartner. There is a greater reliance on technology for business outcomes—it’s an evolution of how you manage your business.

We all need to adjust to market opportunities in real-time by eliminating the time between decision-making and execution, and we can do this through a holistic, Connected Planning platform that connects people and data to create trusted plans. This allows for faster, cross-functional decision-making because it provides greater visibility, transparency, accuracy, accountability, and collaboration across the organization.

What we quickly realized was that this massive industry shift is happening right now, and that it requires a C-Suite leader who intimately understands the value of Connected Planning, can adjust to the external forces behind any transformational journey, and who possesses the ability to connect all the dots across an enterprise. This new role will revolutionize how businesses think about their plans when it comes to increasing profits faster, when to enter markets globally and how to provide better services to their customers. Fortunately, we have the best leader who exemplifies all these traits: Simon Tucker.

Simon is a planning industry veteran who understands the needs of our customers better than anyone—he has been a critical part of the transformational journey for many companies around the world, like Booking.com, Carters, and VMWare. His role as Chief Planning Officer will have him working with our customers to help reduce the gap between transformation vision and a dynamic business environment that seeds the impact of enterprise-wide Connected Planning as an essential and core business capability.

He will continue to work with customers to help them evolve their planning processes and governance into a core business function through innovative tools and technologies, like the Anaplan platform, for future growth through Connected Planning. A key mandate will be to help build the market capabilities needed for broad adoption of Connected Planning principles.

This is an exciting time for business transformation, and how we think about planning today. I invite you to reach out to learn more, to talk about how you can revolutionize the planning process in your company, and to find out how Simon and I can help you get the conversation started.

Frank Calderoni