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Supply chain innovation on display at Anaplan Hub

Jeremiah Barba

Content Marketing Manager

To stay ahead of rapidly changing product demand and consumer expectations, industry-leading companies must constantly work to improve their supply chains. Whether they push the envelope by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning or simply take steps to eliminate multitudes of spreadsheets, evolution is essential.

At Anaplan Hub 2018, companies like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Sonos, and others showed their peers how they reinvented their supply chains to save time, increase efficiency, and lead the way into the future.

They told stories of how failing systems were replaced, spreadsheets were eliminated, and thousands of man-hours were saved through a connected planning approach to the supply chain. And they talked about how increased efficiency led to the ability to make timely and intelligent decisions.

In the case of Coca-Cola, innovation was the catalyst for evolution. They have adapted their processes to introduce each new product beyond their traditional line-up of carbonated beverages, and, thanks to the Anaplan platform, they eliminated unwieldy spreadsheets to easily manage innovation forecasting for new products.

Expanding the possible

Advanced insights and optimization play an integral role in the supply chain. Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights, encouraged Hub attendees to embrace enhance supply chain capabilities through predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive insights.

Optimization is also essential to an innovative supply chain. At this year’s Hub conference, Anaplan announced the release of Optimizer, a simplified method for business planners without programming skills to consider billions of possible solutions and find the best outcome based on multiple ways to solve a business issue.

With the power of optimization within the Anaplan platform, the supply chain of the future is not only connected, but responsive and intelligent. In a session from Anaplan’s Director of Supply Chain Transformation, Evan Quasney shares a clear vision for how to achieve a truly connected and intelligent supply chain.