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The Smart Business Platform improves Del Monte’s planning processes, better aligning finance and supply chain


The platform for orchestrating performance.

Companies in the food and beverage industry face unique challenges in overseeing the production and distribution of these perishable consumer goods. Those challenges include creating a production schedule for an unpredictable harvest and the timely delivery of goods to areas of highest demand. To address these challenges, companies need an efficient, reliable system for planning and reporting that will allow them to track successes and to identify pain points in order to develop and implement positive change. In his Hub16 session, Steve De Castro, Senior Manager for Financial Planning and Supply Chain Finance at Del Monte Pacific Limited, discussed how Anaplan helped his team solve common and complex problems prevalent in the industry.

Del Monte supplies 20 percent of the global supply of pineapple and promotes the fruit’s health and wellness benefits to families worldwide. The product’s inherent shelf life presents complex distribution issues. First, De Castro’s team must plan distribution 18 months in advance as pineapples take 18 months to grow. Then, assuming good weather and a harvest that meets projections, the company requires a transportation budget and a plan that delivers the product to locations with existing demand. De Castro summarizes the challenges of working with a perishable product such as fresh pineapples: “If they don’t get delivered on-time or if they don’t get produced when the demand is there, possibility of wastage is very high.”

In addition to accommodating the product’s persistent potential for loss, Del Monte needed to resolve an internal misalignment: As a supply planner managed the company’s culinary line and plantation products, marketing and sales teams produced sales forecasts. Without a common platform to maintain and share this data, the teams remained disconnected and unable to create effective and informative forecasting and distribution plans.

De Castro worked alongside Anaplan to implement The Smart Business Platform™, leading to the resolution of many of their challenges. Using the Anaplan platform for FP&A, with supply chain finance embedded, De Castro oversaw the development of better transportation budgets as well as improved transparency and accessibility of internal data.

Watch the full story presented at Hub 16 to learn how The Smart Business Platform improved Del Monte’s planning process to better align finance and supply chain.