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World Cup-ready supply chains

Vivek Soneja

Vivek Soneja is Anaplan’s Global Head of Supply Chain Solutions. He has 20+ years of professional experience in consulting, product development, and leadership roles in supply chain management, analytics, and enterprise solution architecture at TCS, Capgemini, and Accenture. He has also played interim operational supply chain and technology leadership roles at various enterprises.

32 teams. One world champion. Millions of soccer fans converged on Russia for the World Cup. They brought their noisemakers, their rabid fandom, and a willingness to whip out their wallets and fill bags with souvenirs. The question for companies is this: is your supply chain prepared to handle the demand generated by this massive event?

Adidas raked in over $2 billion in soccer gear sales during the last World Cup, yet the earning potential reaches beyond jerseys and t-shirts. Like Qatar Airways inspirational campaign, many companies will seize the day and build their brand through World Cup-associated marketing. Who wouldn’t want a slice of the reward connected to this global contest? Popular jerseys sold out in hours and as World Cup fans load up on food and beverages for viewing parties, brands prepared to take full advantage.

A network with cat-like agility

You can’t rely on anything going as planned in the world of sport. Although the powerhouses are likely to succeed, a surprise team could come out of nowhere and make a deep run in the tournament and create a surge in demand, a la Cameroon’s quarterfinal run in 1990. Are you ready to react quickly to these changes? Since a last-minute goal could change a team’s destiny, you need to be prepared to launch into action when the unexpected becomes reality. Organizations with cloud-based, connected, real-time supply chain platforms will be ready to meet those needs with the speed required to win.

Connecting to win

In the beautiful game, it’s a beautiful thing to watch a winning play come together, as player after player passes it along with crisp efficiency and vision. When it’s a team effort, it makes that final swish of the net even more satisfying. It’s the same with supply chain success. Plans are put in place (a cloud-based, connected platform makes a huge difference.) Marketing kicks it off with promotions, and supply chain and finance pass the ball back and forth to ensure production meets demand and every unit has the capital they need to score. In the end, the customer gets the jersey they want when they want it.

Preparation and visibility = success

The emotions of the World Cup will drive impulse purchases, resulting in huge increases in demand that supply chains must be prepared to meet. The most successful companies have been prepping for many months, building forecasts and plans to meet the demands for their products, both in physical stores and online. End-to-end supply chain visibility and accurate forecasting are essential. End-to-end visibility ensures that a clear game plan is in place if changes to supplier or distributor are necessary, and an accurate forecast ensures you won’t come up empty when demand spikes. A clear view of the product portfolio is required to keep tabs on what products will become most popular during an event of this magnitude, and adjust production as needed.

Like the team that will soon raise the World Cup trophy in triumph, supply chain teams that win thrive on agility, connections, and preparation. With those pieces in place, you’ll be ready to win big during World Cup season and beyond.

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