From Process Discovery to Anaplan Excellence – A Roadmap for Business Transformation

We delve into the journey of leveraging Anaplan for business transformation through the experiences of seasoned professionals. With 7 years of Anaplan expertise, Phil shares insights on how the platform seamlessly connects sales, marketing, and finance processes, enabling data-driven decision-making. Mia, with her 6-year tenure, illustrates how Anaplan revolutionized server procurement, emphasizing the importance of integrating diverse data sources and fostering collaboration across teams. Discover the critical role Anaplan plays in optimizing processes, forecasting demands, and driving business growth, while also offering valuable lessons learned and strategies for a successful Anaplan implementation.


Mia Radić, Manager Supply Chain, Akamai

Phil Benz, Business Application Manager, Akamai

Jay Bistany, Account Executive, Anaplan