Brussels Airlines improves its financial planning process with the Anaplan platform

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A Belgian air carrier that transports 6.5 million passengers annually, Brussels Airlines was frustrated by lack of collaboration in its finance organization. By implementing its full finance operation on Anaplan—including budgeting, forecasting, and long-term planning—the team is now less reliant on IT and able to innovate quickly and efficiently.

Since Anaplan, we can’t imagine going back to the previous set-up we had.

Controlling and Business Intelligence Department Lead


As the leading major airline offering flights to and from Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines transports 6.5 million passengers to 80 locations annually. With a financial planning process that needs to accommodate over two billion data combinations, its mix of spreadsheets and legacy tools had put both its planning process and finance team at a disadvantage.


Feeling frustrated with the inability to collaborate efficiently, Vanessa Rentiers, Controlling and Business Intelligence Department Lead at Brussels Airlines, began searching for a better way of planning. After a demo of the Anaplan platform, Vanessa and her team knew immediately that the platform’s flexibility was going to positively change how they worked.


Using the Anaplan platform, Brussels Airlines has been able to implement its full scope of financial planning including budgeting, forecasting, and long-term planning. The finance team quickly mastered the tool, and are equipped to support, execute, and implement the simulations, forecasts, and budgets needed for company projects. The finance team now owns their own planning system without reliance on IT, which has improved efficiency and fast innovation.

Why Anaplan

Brussel Airlines selected the Anaplan platform because of its ease-of-use, as well as the ability to provide real-time insights and accommodate large amounts of data. Since implementing the platform, Vanessa shared that her team cannot imagine returning to life before Anaplan, and that she looks forward to all of the platform’s possibilities.