L’Oréal highlights the beauty and flexibility of Connected Planning

Global beauty company connects sales, operations, and finance planning to create efficiency, trust, and scalability

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We chose Anaplan for its agility and the capacity to adapt to multiple domains and multiple use cases.
— Antoine Marechal, Data Programme Director, L'Oréal


domains and use cases make business processes efficient and flexible


source of truth for sales, operations, and finance creates trust throughout the company


created in the planning platform enables reliability and scalability

L’Oréal, the famous beauty company, replaced multiple tools and spreadsheets with Anaplan in its sales, finance, operations, and research and innovation teams. Connecting processes across the business with Anaplan has made L’Oréal more efficient and flexible, and has enhanced the ability to share information across the business. Because the data in Anaplan is consistent and managed with strong governance, leaders and end users alike enjoy greater trust.

Antoine Marechal, Data Programme Director, L’Oréal:  L’Oréal is the number one beauty company in the world. Our aim is to create the beauty that moves the world. 

Before using Anaplan, we used to plan our sales with multiple tools, multiple spreadsheets. Now we are planning with Anaplan today in nearly all domains: finance, operations, sales, research and innovation. Anaplan is part of our data and analytics strategy, leveraging power of data around process efficiency.

We chose Anaplan for its agility and the capacity to adapt to multiple domains and multiple use cases. We also embraced the Connected Planning strategy. Connecting the process in the business with Anaplan makes the overall process much more efficient, much more fluid. The Connected Planning brings also the capacity to share the information across different processes and businesses, all leveraging the same source of truth.

It brings trust in the information you are giving to your management, [and] your team, in order to execute their daily job. Having this single source of truth makes your job much more trustful.

Without this strong partnership between the two companies [L’Oréal and Anaplan], I would not have been able to deliver at the right speed, right quality. I'm proud of the strong governance we have been able to put in place together on the platform. This enables strong trust and strong capacity to scale.

I'm Antoine Marechal, Data Programme Director at L’Oréal, and we plan with Anaplan.

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