Incentive Compensation Management

Leverage the tools you need to create, manage, and optimize your incentive compensation strategy and achieve revenue goals.

Incentive compensation management is a crucial piece of your sales strategy. Anaplan Incentive compensation management software enables sales organizations to make sure their incentive plans drive behaviors that align with organizational objectives.

Robust “what-if” scenario planning lets you modify compensation plans to anticipate changing market conditions. Automated, real-time calculations shrink computation time and increase the accuracy of your data. You can provide full visibility throughout the organization, keeping your whole sales team moving as a single unit.

Why Anaplan Incentive Compensation Management Software?

Enable in-memory incentive compensation
Enable the construction and oversight of all plan elements, including thresholds, accelerators, splits, adjustments, tiered commission rates/bonuses, and SPIFs. Calculate payments quickly, while standardizing plans across regions, geographies, business users, channels, and more.

Provide real-time data analysis
Give sales reps and managers real-time data on sales performance with data visualization dashboards that update in real-time. Track sales and incentive data at any level of granularity, down to the individual sale, while aggregating data for sales leaders or executive reports. Provide AI driven plan recommendations to help sales leaders make better decisions.

Empower flexible planning
Quickly modify compensation plans to emphasize new products, territories, or business priorities. Expand your compensation platform to incorporate new reps and give sales leaders freedom to modify compensation plans locally or apply the same rules across your entire organization.

Connect incentive planning across the organization
Provide a single shared source of data, eliminating version-control issues and source confusion. Share budgets, plans, quotas, and sales goals across the organization, keeping everyone aligned to the same larger business objectives.

Create “what-if” scenario analysis
Create “what-if” scenarios to assess potential changes or competitive situations without batch calculations, and optimize compensation plans by tweaking parameters while instantly viewing the effects. Measure potential changes before rolling new plans out to the sales team.

Key Challenges and How Anaplan Solves Them

Common Challenges Anaplan Capabilites
Excessive commission errors caused by manual processes Enable automated compensation to reduce compensation payment errors
Large numbers of compensation disputes being created by reps due to lack of visibility Provide real time visibility, giving reps access to information regarding transaction amounts, credits, and plans
Unnecessary amounts of time spend resolving disputes post pay, limiting time spent selling or analyzing plan effectiveness Generate insights into dispute inquiries, allowing administrators to tailor and modify education in real time

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