Incentive compensation management software

Quickly create and optimize incentive compensation plans that drive revenue and align with your corporate goals.

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Incentive compensation influences seller behavior and is a critical component of your overall sales strategy. Used effectively, incentive compensation plans ensure that your reps are all on the same page, laser-focused on your company’s objectives.

Powerful “what-if” scenario modeling gives you the flexibility to plan and adapt in ever-changing markets. Reduce computation times and administrative errors by automating complex calculations and compensation management processes. Provide visibility to stakeholders throughout the organization and keep your sales team on target.

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Why Anaplan incentive compensation management software?

Cloud-based incentive compensation management

Build and manage all comp plan elements, including thresholds, accelerators, splits, adjustments, tiered commission rates/bonuses, and SPIFs. Quickly calculate error-free payments while standardizing plans across regions, geographies, business users, channels, and more.

Better insights with real-time data analysis

Give sales reps and managers up-to-date data on sales performance with dashboards and robust data visualizations that update in real time. Track sales and incentive data at any level of granularity, while easily aggregating information for sales leaders and other stakeholders.

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Enable flexible planning

Quickly modify compensation plans to emphasize new products, territories, or business priorities. Expand your compensation platform to incorporate new reps and give sales leaders freedom to adjust compensation plans locally or apply the same rules across your entire organization.

Connected incentive compensation planning

Maintain alignment and drive growth by connecting your sales compensation program with your entire go-to-market strategy. Maintain a single data source, eliminate version-control issues, and increase sales performance data accuracy. Easily share budgets, plans, quotas, and sales goals across your organization.

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Advanced “what-if” scenario analysis

Quickly model different scenarios to assess the potential impact of incentive compensation plan adjustments with real-time calculations. Intelligently optimize your incentive programs in light of changing business objectives and fluctuations in the market.

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Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them

  • Common challenges


    Numerous commission errors resulting from manual processes


    Lack of visibility results in compensation disputes


    Excessive time spent on resolving post-pay disputes, instead of on value-added activities like selling or plan optimization

  • Anaplan capabilites

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    Increase payout accuracy and speed by automating compensation processes

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    Give reps and stakeholders real-time visibility into attainment, transaction amounts, credits, and plans

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    Reliable data keeps disputes at a minimum and payouts timely, increasing seller motivation