December 18, 2019

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Anaplan Introduces AI-Powered Predictive Sales Planning Capabilities

Anaplan Press Release

Machine Learning Technology Designed to Increase Sales Productivity, Drive Revenue

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 18, 2019 – Anaplan, Inc. (NYSE: PLAN), a pioneer in Connected Planning, today introduced new AI-powered capabilities for Predictive Sales Planning to help businesses optimize the design and execution of sales and revenue strategies to grow revenue faster and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Anaplan’s Predictive Sales Planning technology gives sales leaders an ability to analyze accounts based on AI-enriched insights, including company growth trends, business partnerships, hiring trends, technographics, and buyer intent. These predictive insights help businesses optimize their sales team’s performance and prioritize accounts with the greatest propensity to buy.

“In complex selling environments, revenue leaders often struggle with identifying and prioritizing the optimal segments to focus on to best meet their commercial goals,” said Jason Loh, Global Head of Sales Solutions at Anaplan. “Anaplan’s Predictive Sales Planning capabilities leverage the power of AI and ML to equip sales leaders with actionable intelligence that accelerates growth and expansion. With the Anaplan platform, sales leaders can make better, faster decisions about what new markets to attack and which opportunities to invest in while streamlining revenue operations.”

Anaplan’s Predictive Sales Planning technology is available in four solutions, including:

  • Predictive Account Segmentation and Scoring – augments internal data with predictive attributes on profile fit and buyer intent data to target and prioritize accounts with a higher propensity to want to buy from them;
  • Predictive Territory Planning – carves potential sales territories across multiple dimensions (i.e., geography, industry, product, named account) to design and balance equitable territory plans based on historical data, total available market (TAM) and predictive insights;
  • Predictive Sales Capacity Planning – optimizes coverage models across sales factors and buyer propensity insights with the goal of achieving revenue targets;
  • Predictive Quota Planning– enables leaders to design fair and aspirational-yet-achievable targets, goals, and quotas, by leveraging predictive insights, buying signals, and fit and intent information.

“As we approach 2020, sales executives are facing a new level of urgency to drive revenue growth more efficiently in anticipation of a potential buying slowdown,” said Robert Muñoz, Research Director of Sales Operations Strategies at Forrester. “Sales leaders who enhance their sales intelligence capabilities with predictive, AI-driven solutions will enable new levels of rep productivity and sales performance.”

Anaplan’s Predictive Sales Planning capabilities are now available in the Anaplan platform. To learn more, visit

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