Measuring, motivating, and focusing a world-class sales organization: Seller 360 Demo

Bring your compensation plans to life: Motivate your sales reps to maximize their payout while helping the company drive growth

Are your sales incentive programs driving the right behaviors? When incentive programs aren’t designed properly, they lead to sales behaviors that aren’t aligned to your business goals. And when rewards aren’t attached when desired behaviors happen, the value of your incentive program diminishes.

One major cause of ineffective incentive programs is cumbersome, time-consuming data collection and reconciliation processes across multiple systems. Anaplan eliminates those gaps. Sellers and sales leaders with a complete line of sight into sales performance are much more likely to hit targets.

Register for our on-demand demo to see why best-in-class organizations like ServiceNow, Zillow, and AmerSports choose Anaplan to help drive their sales performance and maximize their sales compensation budget. Discover how we can help you:

  • Give sellers visibility into comp plans and revenue goals
  • Realize which strategic initiatives reps should aim toward
  • Empower reps with scenario modeling to maximize payouts
  • Quickly understand the buying potential of accounts


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