Empowering your sales strategy

Segmentation is fundamental to all aspects of sales planning, including the creation of fair and productive territories and quota plans that motivate sellers while also aligning to revenue goals. As markets become less predictable, sales orgs realize that traditional segmentation methods relying heavily on historical data and basic firmographics aren’t enough.

Modern sales orgs drive performance by dialing up the resolution of their account segmentation strategy with third-party insights, layering in advanced firmographic, behavioral, and intent data to ensure that sales resources are focused on the right opportunities.

Join our sales performance experts, Dana Therrien, Senior Sales Specialist for SPM at Anaplan, and Kevin Josephson, Anaplan Practice Leader for SPM at Spaulding Ridge, for a quick eight-minute conversation about practical ways to improve your segmentation and take your sales strategy to the next level.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

  • Initial steps on how to implement third-party data, including advanced fit indicators and intent data.
  • Best practices and steps companies are taking to advance their segmentation strategies.
  • Cost effective ways to drive more revenue by focusing on high-propensity accounts.
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