Future-proofing HR: Strategies for effective workforce planning

Thinking beyond headcount to transform HR planning into a strategic advantage

Many companies can only estimate how many people work for them on a given day. This becomes especially problematic as outlooks regarding revenue targets and other headcount driving factors can vary. The result is a finance-driven headcount planning approach, leading to suboptimal allocations — and losing talent and opportunities in the process.
Join Valantic’s workforce planning expert and Sonnen Group’s CHRO as they share tips on fostering enhanced collaboration across your organization and empowering HR to realize strategic initiatives while having full transparency on cost drivers.

In this webinar, we will explore:


Christian Sommer

Planning, Analytics Manager & WFP SME at Valantic

Christian is an expert in shaping workforce planning solutions for large international companies. He understands the day-to-day needs of HR professionals as well as the management expectations regarding realizing strategic initiatives and making cost drivers transparent.

Christian Sommer Headshot

Caroline Möschel

Chief Human Resources Officer at Sonnen Group

Caroline is a seasoned HR leader with experience in various regional and global HR positions. Her passion is working in cross-cultural environments and managing change with her team to reduce complexity and creating value for staff.

Caroline Möschel Headshot

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