Transfer pricing management in Anaplan

Profit& consultants have been helping clients use technology to identify profitability improvements, including products, customers, channels profitability, and process optimization.

Based on their most recent experience, they have connected the dots between unmet needs of transfer pricing departments and the great benefits of Anaplan platform. The Anaplan platform is the perfect choice for transfer pricing processes as it supports integration with multiple data sources, allows users to easily set and maintain allocations and calculations, and enables reporting and traceability for audit purposes.

Join Anaplan and Profit& for a webinar to learn how the Transfer Pricing for CPG app and the Anaplan platform support key transfer pricing processes. Key functionalities that will be discussed in this webinar include:

  • Allocation of services
  • Transfer price setting for tangible goods
  • Transfer price monitoring
  • True-up adjustments management
  • Data integration and reporting
Watch the on-demand webinar