Corporate Planning Software

Why Anaplan Corporate Planning Software?

Allow flexibility with “what-if” analysis

Allow the finance organization to plan at the right level of detail all in one platform. Provide the ability to perform “what if”analysis on-the-fly to identify the optimal path forward in real-time.

Maintain accurate data

Streamline the data sourcing and aggregation process, ensuring greater forecast accuracy by reducing the variance of actuals to budget.

Connect planning across the enterprise

Connect data across the organization so that the financial forecast is a holistic view. Increase visibility into business drivers such as cost drivers, demand drivers, resource requirements, etc. in order to make better decisions.

Key Challenges and How Anaplan Solves Them

Common Challenges Anaplan Capabilites
Inaccurate forecasting Provide user-driven models that allow for quick-and-easy assumption adjustments for real-time scenario analysis, more detailed forecasts and reduced variances of actuals to forecast
Limited visibility to divisional revenue stagnation or decline Drive accurate insight across divisions in a timely manner leading to higher addressable market earned
Protracted length of planning process Enable planning process efficiencies that reduce cycle times and allow for reallocation of efforts toward high-value analysis, leading to increased accuracy and better performance across divisions
Disparate systems being used across core businesses Aggregate divisional inputs to get an accurate, holistic view of total company performance

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