Anaplan for Facility Management

With Anaplan for Facility Management, plan, optimize, and manage your offices around the world based on current and forecasted headcount and legal requirements per country.


Allow global facility managers to solve capacity issues in collaboration with HR and Finance. Put details under a microscope to plan and forecast across facilities, locations, projects, versions, and departments (cost centers). Review headcount allocation by fiscal year for remaining global capacity across years and regions. With a connected, cloud-based approach to facilities management, you can complete tasks from anywhere, at any time, and see a comprehensive view of your plan and the impact of your decisions.



Why Anaplan Facility Management software?


Enable granular facilities management

Visualize remaining capacity at the regional, country, or location level. Load actual and forecasted headcount to the site and department/cost center. Plan and compare various scenarios and adjust headcount by site.

Plan and budget on one cloud platform

Build a bottom-up budget that aligns with plan targets. Ensure consistency and alignment across the organization with multi-dimensional driver-based planning. Pivot reports by any dimension on-the-fly and without code.


Empower “what-if” modeling and scenarios analysis

Make better decisions by running simulations across site locations based on different drivers to optimize costs and space. Create complex models to answer complicated questions faster.

Support detailed cost monitoring and control

Monitor and analyze global annualized costs and costs-per-head across facilities and projects. Toggle among currencies to see the financial impact on projects. Restrict access based on HR, FP&A, and operational roles.