Anaplan for Succession Planning

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Anaplan succession planning is designed with your “hire or promote” decision in mind, guiding you in your workforce bottom-up planning process. Identify skills requirements to accomplish business initiatives, then search internally for the closest match from available resources, even as you consider an external search.

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Why Anaplan for Succession Planning?

Inform decisions

Inform your bottom-up planning process with weighted options for your “buy, build, or borrow” workforce decisions, aligned to one or more business initiatives.

Optimize performance

Optimize your people’s performance by prioritizing their positions and collaborating on retention plans to streamline the decision-making process. With workforce analytics, reveal the metrics and trends that matter most when assessing your workforce talent: skills and performance ratings, capacity for growth, and retention risk.

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Shape and adapt with “what-if” analysis

Easily model “what-if” changes in salary, talent, and skills criteria. See changes ripple through to impact your best-fit options among current employees and as compared to your external hire assumptions.

Enable bottom-up workforce planning enablement

Use loaded skills and talent attributes, time in role, years of experience, and other metrics to filter for your best available candidate fits for a given role—within your team and across the organization.

Empower employee self-assessment and review

Input directly or import current workforce skills, experience profiles, education, and certification at the individual and team level to identify gaps for capacity planning against future workforce requirements.

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