Anaplan on AWS

More accurate forecasting and
AWS spending visibility

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Anaplan for AWS:
Connecting forecasts to action

Anaplan is pioneering the category of Connected Planning. Our platform, powered by our proprietary HyperblockTM technology, purpose-built for Connected Planning, enables dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent planning. Large global enterprises use our solution to connect people, data, and plans to enable real-time planning and decision-making in rapidly changing business environments to give our customers a competitive advantage. Anaplan and AWS are shaping the future of Enterprise cloud solutions by digitally transforming complementary layers of the technology stack. Anaplan bring speed and agility to the business strategy, planning and operations for its customers while AWS brings the same attributes to infrastructure and technical operations.

AWS Cloud Spend: Accurate driver-based forecasting

Today, enterprises are having difficulty in forecasting and managing their AWS cloud spend accurately due to the lack of visibility and archaic cost optimization approaches. AWS offers hundreds of services across multiple regions with different contract terms resulting in thousands of different combinations. It is challenging to harness the AWS cost, usage, and pricing data to accurately report historical spending across dimensions like services, regions, accounts, and tags, reconcile with the budgets, as well as forecast current, planned, and migration spending.

Gain control of your historical and planned AWS cloud spending:
  • Improves the visibility of costs at granular level: services, cost centers, users, etc.
  • Provides a complete view of cloud costs to serve across the organization.
  • Improves the accuracy of forecasts and optimizes the use of resources.
  • Connects drivers such as sales, employees, products, and projects to the cloud spend.
  • Reduces the budget variance.
  • Enables tracking usage at a granular level, i.e., user, cost center, effective monitoring, management, and accountability.
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Organizational confidence

Functional and business unit teams gain visibility and alignment into historical and forecast AWS costs. Executives are able to achieve results that build confidence with investors in managing cloud costs.

Improved collaboration

Teams across the company collaborate throughout the forecasting and planning process to make better trade-off decisions between technical and financial constraints.

Better business decisions

Teams make higher confidence plans around product, customer, business unit investments where AWS costs are a material part of the cost structure.

Unpredictable variance of actual to budgeted cloud spending

Intelligent Demand Planning with Amazon Forecast: Forecast with confidence

Anaplan’s Intelligent Demand Planning solution uses advanced deep learning algorithms supported by Amazon Forecast to more accurately predict future demand based on historical, internal and external demand signals. This prediction helps business decision makers using Anaplan to get a deeper understanding of future demand drivers and the impact of commercial decisions. The solution presents demand prediction to business decision makers in the context of a planning process through Anaplan. This enables planners and decision makers to model multiple commercial scenarios to shape future demand – such as pricing, promotions, and assortment with a full understanding of supply chain and financial implications of their decisions.




Amazon Forecast


Amazon Demand Planning


Accurate Forecasts

Scenario Assessments

Incorporate AI/ML into demand planning

Enables brand teams, channel teams, customer teams and supply chain planners to incorporate AI/ML into their demand planning process to collaboratively model and understand predicted change in demand in response to commercial decisions.


Run what-if scenarios and decide accordingly

Review the predicted forecasts and run what-if scenarios by changing key assumptions/inputs and see the effects on your various plans. Then, proceed with the optimum scenario.


Predict demand based on demand drivers

Lets brands easily leverage their internal, 3rd party and market data to predict demand based on a number of demand drivers.

Demand Volatility is causing higher Forecast errors