Adobe Experience Cloud and Anaplan

Driving Marketing Transformation

Closed loop spend and performance alignment

For many go-to-market leaders, the inability to connect marketing spend to performance leads to uncertainty when making critical business decisions for your company. With changing dynamics in the market and operating models, marketing leaders need a single line-of-sight into the performance of all marketing spend and activities in relation to the projected revenue volume and profit. In order to do this effectively, leaders need a solution that tracks all budget and spend from a top-down/bottom-up perspective. Additionally, leaders need the ability to link their investment plan to actual performance. In today’s digital world, companies that lack visibility and agility struggle to pivot.

Anaplan and Adobe partnered to allow customers to close the loop between managing marketing spend and executional performance.

Benefits include:

  • Synchronized marketing and trade promotion spend.
  • Configurable budget hierarchies by brand.
  • GTM budget, approved spend, actual spend visibility.
  • “Closed loop” spend and performance actuals alignment.
  • Agility to make instant budget trade-offs.
  • Update revenue, volume, profit targets with GTM plan actuals.
  • Instant updates across marketing, sales, and channel plans.
  • “What-if” scenario modeling capabilities to make smarter decisions.

Anaplan’s integration with Adobe’s Experience Cloud enables marketers to optimize their entire investment and resource allocating planning process. Adobe Experience Cloud executes quality digital experiences for consumers and analyzes performance data at scale. Anaplan integrations include connections to Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Marketo, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager. Additionally, Anaplan’s robust integration capabilities will allow marketers to bring in performance data from attribution and analytical tools, CRM, ERP, finance and workforce technologies to do more effective planning.