The State of  
 Connected Planning

three keys to
planning in 2019

Digital assortment
analytics for the
omnichannel retail

Financial Reporting
Compliance IFRS 17

Driving value
beyond compliance
Deloitte and Anaplan have teamed to bring our clients faster and more effective business planning and forecasting. Our alliance combines the wisdom of seasoned industry professionals and Deloitte’s strategic planning capabilities with disruptive technology from Anaplan. Together, we’re taking real-time planning and forecasting to an entirely new level.

Respond to a wide range of complex business issues more effectively Together, Anaplan and Deloitte are dedicated to delivering the most effective services and solutions through the success of their alliance relationship in order to help clients address their biggest challenges.

Enable Insight

Enable an insight-driven organization

Build a more insight-driven organization by using the abundance of data available to make better, fact-based decisions in every part of your business. Connect plans, budgets, forecasts, analytics, and modelling, and all the governance that goes with it.

Optimize planning models and processes

As part of an Anaplan project, Deloitte can help with the optimization of planning models and processes, as well as hands-on or guided end-to-end implementation of a complete solution, tailored to your needs while leveraging and customizing existing models where applicable.

To learn more, explore Deloitte’s Anaplan apps on the App Hub or go to

Financial Reporting Compliance IFRS 17

Driving value
beyond compliance

The IFRS17 Anaplan solution developed by Deloitte combines the strengths of Anaplan’s connected planning platform with the depth of actuarial, finance and data management expertise from Deloitte.

We offer:

  • Strong multi-disciplined teams combined with a flexible and powerful platform to solve a problem as complex as IFRS17
  • Business orientated, flexible and powerful platform to fill the gaps in your system landscape and will help focus your budget on the value-add processes rather than simply complying
  • Solution that has been designed, built and implemented by accountants, insurance specialist, actuaries and people with strong data backgrounds. A team who understands compliance and audit and will comfortably engage with your auditor to ensure that the investment being made will tick the box and not cause an audit nightmare

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