BlaBlaCar powers its hyper-growth through detailed forecasting and financial planning with Anaplan


Leila Boutaleb-Brousse

Senior Marketing Manager

forecasting and financial planning

BlaBlaCar, the world’s leading long-distance ridesharing service was entering a new phase of high growth—and their finance team started to face new planning and budgeting challenges that Excel spreadsheets could no longer handle.

In just a few years, BlaBlaCar expanded from 30 employees to 500 employees, with over 30 million members across 22 countries. Prior to implementing Anaplan, BlaBlaCar employees managed their financial planning between a large number of disparate spreadsheets, making collaboration inefficient and visibility into the business’ performance very difficult. The company turned to Anaplan because it was the only solution capable of scaling with BlaBlaCar’s fast growth.

With Anaplan, BlaBlaCar is able to rapidly project many future scenarios through detailed forecasting and analysis, in addition to translating business simulations into actual financials. The implementation of Anaplan has enabled BlaBlaCar employees to collaborate more efficiently with teams across the company, along with over 20 key stakeholders—all in real time.

“With Anaplan, we reduced the time spent on building our assumptions,” said Theiss Boudec, Head of Business Intelligence at BlaBlaCar. “Anaplan brought us the agility to work around our assumptions and to craft our business strategy. “

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