Creating Roll-up Models That Link – Quick Time-Saving Tips


Jill King

President and CEO

In my previous position our company had 20 individual department models that were rolled up into a variety of views. As expected, each department owner wanted their results; the 2 managing VP’s wanted the results of their 10 departments, and the Chief Marketing Officer wanted a consolidated view of the total of the 20 departments.


The only way to get this data rolled up was to link to each of the individual files. The VP’s view consisted of linking 10 excel models cell by cell to roll up the P&L. The CMO view linked to each of the VP roll-ups. Anytime a change was made at a department level model, we had to go into the VP and CMO roll-ups to update the links to capture the change.  These files were very large and often had time-out issues that took hours to research.

Anaplan Solution
No links required! In Anaplan, department structure can be set up to have roll-ups at any level allowing the data to flow real-time. Executives and analysts have a real-time view at every level, including down to department level, if needed, with just a click of the button.

Estimated Monthly time savings = 2-4 hours