How to create value through cost savings with zero-based budgeting

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Eric Tabor, Kellogg Company’s Director, Global IT for Finance, will be at Anaplan Hub 2016 in San Francisco on May 10th to share how Kellogg is utilizing Anaplan to support cost savings with zero-based budgeting.

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is a cost management approach that has been adopted by many CPG companies to reduce unnecessary costs, increase profits, and maximize consumer value. Finance professionals in the manufacturing, semiconductor, and consumer packaged goods industries should attend this presentation to discover key insights and the benefits the Kellogg Company achieved by implementing zero-based budgeting.

Session attendees will have a sneak peak into Anaplan’s upcoming ZBB application.

To attend the session, register for Hub16, or view the full agenda, visit:

About the session speaker

Eric Tabor
Director, Global IT – Finance at Kellogg Company

For over 12 years, Eric Tabor has worked for Kellogg Company, moving from a Consultant to his current position as Director of Global Information Technology for Finance. Eric oversees global finance technology and collaborates alongside Kellogg’s CFO and his leadership team to execute upon both finance and technology strategies. Under Eric’s supervision, Kellogg is in the process of converting its financial planning technology to Anaplan.

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