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Incentive compensation management

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Align sales behaviors with corporate goals

Your incentive compensation management (ICM) plan should encapsulate your go-to-market strategy. Today, the best ICM solutions not only motivate your salespeople to sell the right products to the right customers—they also give you the flexibility to prepare for the future, with advanced modeling, automated calculations, and connections to HR, finance, and other parts of your organization.

Download the Incentive Compensation Management Buyer’s Kit to help guide you in selecting the right software to maximize your ICM strategy.

What’s inside the Incentive Compensation Management Buyer’s Kit:

  • RFP Template: Sample ICM template
  • Data sheet: Incentive Compensation Management with Anaplan
  • Analyst report: Gartner’s 2018 Sales Performance Management Magic Quadrant
  • Product demo: Anaplan’s sales incentives product demo
  • Research report: Sales Compensation Design: A Sirius Perspective
  • White paper: Bringing together ICM strategy and territory planning
  • Customer story: Amer Sports transforms sales and compensation planning using the Anaplan platform

Get access to thought leadership and customer stories from:

Sirius Decisions
Ameri sports
“With Anaplan, sales reps are spending less time figuring out if their numbers are right, and more time selling.”

—Senior Manager of Sales Finance, Leading on-line real-estate media organization