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Sales and Operations Planning

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When silos fall, better decisions rise up.

The heart of sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a dynamic connection of plans and strategies across the business to enable better decisions. When planners from sales, finance, supply chain, product, marketing, and trade partners work collaboratively with end-to-end visibility, executives can make informed and accurate decisions that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Download the Sales and Operations Planning Buyer’s Kit to begin your journey toward a truly collaborative sales and operations planning process.

Download the Sales & Operations Planning buyer’s kit to:

  • Learn the keys to mobilizing next-generation S&OP via cloud-based technology
  • Read how Sonos’ team unifies plans across resources, spend, and product lines to save time
  • See how Anaplan’s real-time platform enables you to increase service levels via plan accuracy and collaboration
  • Download a pre-build S&OP RFP template to hit-the-ground running as you select a vendor

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“Anaplan is the platform that connects our organization. We use it to drive new systems, processes, and understanding into how to run our business better.”

Director of Global Sourcing, Sonos

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