Sure, Oracle says it has a cloud EPM offering.

But does it truly connect planning and performance management?

A new class of native cloud-based EPM solutions—called “connected EPM” by research firm IDC—beats traditional, finance-oriented performance management solutions. Even when offered in the cloud, these legacy systems can’t integrate data from across the organization easily—and suffer from low adoption rates, long cycle times, and inaccurate data.

Connected EPM is built in the cloud, so it helps you move fast, focus on what’s important, and break down planning and performance silos. IDC explains the need for connected EPM in a new whitepaper, sponsored by Anaplan, “Connecting Plans and Performance: It’s a New Day for the Enterprise.” According to the whitepaper, “Anaplan has the customer base and reputation in place to be a leader and mainstay in the EPM market,” and is designed to capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing: “agility, customer centricity, and collaboration.”

So if you’re considering moving your EPM to the cloud, don’t you owe it to yourself to evaluate Anaplan versus your legacy provider? Download the IDC whitepaper or schedule a demo and discover for yourself why 650 companies from around the world have chosen Anaplan as their cloud EPM provider.

Download the IDC whitepaper

With one global platform, there will be huge synergies and time savings. Who knows what kinds of new analysis we’re going to run—Anaplan changes our idea of what’s possible.

– Activision

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