Activision brings transparency and efficiency to retail planning and execution

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$4.4 billion in annual revenue


Trade promotions planning

Use Case


At Activision, retail execution and trade promotions planning was inefficient and error-prone. Planning teams were bogged down gathering information and importing data into various systems. Real-time reporting and ad-hoc analysis were nearly nonexistent, and it was very difficult to accurately forecast across the organization. All of this had to be managed across multiple tools and spreadsheets, creating a risk for errors and data corruption.


Activision implemented the Anaplan platform to manage the retail execution process, including trade promotion planning and management. Activision now manages every product launch and product discount using the Anaplan platform, and they use custom reports to provide relevant stakeholders with real-time, transparent access to any data they need.


Activision has found tremendous boosts in productivity and collaboration from the Anaplan platform. Just two weeks after go-live, the planning team estimated a 50 percent increase in productivity. With a unified data source for all trade promotion efforts, the process is more efficient and reliable. They’ve replaced spreadsheets with real-time reporting and now have complete confidence in the data.

Why Anaplan

Activision’s finance manager noted this: “What Activision loves about Anaplan is that our team can easily customize it to meet the specific needs of each department. Each of the groups involved in Activision’s trade management process-sales, marketing, finance, and accounting-engage with the data differently and Anaplan made it very easy to tailor it to their individual perspectives.”

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