Brewing up fast, granular planning and forecasting at Baltika, part of the Carlsberg Group

Leading brewery increases operational agility, saving hundreds of hours on data tasks and cutting days from quarterly P&L calculations

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Baltika, the Russian unit of global brewing giant Carlsberg, wanted to reduce the time and cost of financial planning while increasing forecast granularity to remain competitive. Its Anaplan-based solution creates a multi-level forecast (SKU, channel, territory, customer) using multiple P&L factors and specific allocation rules. With Anaplan, the finance team saves hundreds of hours annually on data tasks, shaves days from quarterly P&L calculations, and has a platform that can support agile, business-owned planning across the company.

With Anaplan, we have significantly improved our agility in financial planning, being able to adjust the forecast quickly to the changing business assumptions.

Anatoly Muzalev, Group Leader, Procurement Finance

Brewing is an ancient craft that bubbles in a cauldron of constant innovation. Baltika Breweries, a unit of Carlsberg Group based in St. Petersburg, Russia, is a great example: Its 9,000+ employees use state-of-the art equipment and techniques in creating 87 different brands of beer. Simultaneously, teams in Baltika’s back office are on a mission to transform business operations with digital technology.

In finance, one of the company’s largest and most important recent initiatives was to automate the integrated financial forecasting process. “Our goal was to reduce the time and cost for making a financial plan while increasing the granularity of the forecast,” Anatoly Muzalev, Baltika’s Group Leader, Procurement Finance, explains.

Anatoly and his colleagues were looking for a platform specifically designed for planning and dynamic control of financial levers that move the business, and that could be maintained and expanded by the people who use it. After a thorough review of competing solutions, Baltika chose Anaplan.

The Anaplan solution they built with the help of Advanced, an Anaplan Silver Partner, creates a forecast for Baltika at the level of SKU, channel, territory, and customer. It factors in data from all of Baltika’s profit and loss (P&L) lines—including revenue, discounts, manufacturing costs, logistics, and marketing—using specific allocation rules. “Business users were so enthusiastic about the solution that they began using it in their daily work before it officially went live,” says Anatoly.

“With Anaplan, we have significantly improved our agility in financial planning, being able to adjust the forecast quickly to the changing business assumptions. Anaplan supports us in better and faster decision-making,” says Anatoly. “Anaplan became our single source of truth, mitigating the risks of misaligned assumptions, duplicate calculations, and conflicting decisions.”

The results so far have been staggering. “With Anaplan, we save over 400 hours yearly on data consolidation and checking,” Elizaveta Palitsyna, Supply Chain Finance Director, says. “The time spent each quarter on calculating the P&L has been reduced from seven days to three days. Our forecast accuracy has increased, as well as transparency of calculations within the process.”

Baltika’s success to date with Anaplan has generated enthusiasm outside of the company’s finance department. “Given the tangible business value we have seen, we consider Anaplan a platform that can further expand into other areas of planning for the good of our business,” concludes Elizaveta.