Box builds a collaborative financial planning process with the Anaplan platform

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Cloud software company Box replaced cumbersome FP&A spreadsheets with Anaplan, with finance and accounting collaborating on a shared platform. Consolidation and reconciliation are days faster, and Anaplan use has expanded to Tax & Treasury and Workforce Planning.

We’ve saved days off our month-to-month planning time, and the alignment between finance and accounting teams has increased dramatically.

Product Manger of Business Applications


Before Anaplan, Box used an antiquated Excel® model for their financial planning and forecasting. The model was massive and took several minutes to even open the file. They had several hundred different versions of the model spread across the company, turning what should have been a unified process into a monstrous challenge.


The team at Box implemented Anaplan for financial planning within a month. The Anaplan team worked side-by-side with the Box team in a joint implementation that ensured a thoughtful approach and boosted buy-in from across the company. To sustain this approach, they built training materials, hosted Q&A sessions, and kept an open-door policy for questions. In the Box team’s own words, they found that “adoption drove itself.”


With Anaplan, Box has consolidated its financial forecasting and shaved days off of financial planning. Alignment between its finance and accounting teams has increased dramatically. Company leaders also found that users are excited about the Anaplan platform and are asking to use it for additional use cases across the business.

Why Anaplan

As Box evaluated planning platforms, one of the key differentiators that set Anaplan apart from competitors was its in-memory computing and multidimensionality. An additional key requirement was to ensure planners could work on the same version of a financial plan—and Anaplan met that need by providing the finance team with the ability to collaborate in real time, as well as improved visibility into data.