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CME removes many manual processes and improves productivity of the finance team

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At Prague-based CME—Central European Media Enterprises—inconsistent and error-prone data made financial planning and analysis slow and manual. With Anaplan, they have flexible, multidimensional plans that are owned by the finance team. CME can change plans and models in real time as the business evolves, which has freed up time for actionable analysis.

In recent budgeting meetings, it was apparent that the detail and information we were capturing in Anaplan had actually helped to fuel discussions. Rather than focusing on other irrelevant issues, we can now get straight into the detail.

Senior Manager


CME’s FP&A team was experiencing the inherent problems associated with spreadsheets—inconsistent and error prone data. They wanted to avoid the wasted time spent on versioning, crashing of software, and the very manual process of keeping data consistent across spreadsheets and business functions so they sought to a new solution.


Above all, CME was looking to incorporate a tool that was able to drive transparency and collaboration across the organization. After bringing in Anaplan, the FP&A team easily adapted to the platform and quickly began to appreciate the multitude of different dimensions the platform could provide—especially the ability to change the models in real-time as the business or the team evolved.


There was an immediate positive reaction from the senior management team at CME, including the CFO and SVP of Operations. They were very impressed with the level of detail the Anaplan platform was able to capture. Due to this level of detail, the finance team was able to get right into the actionable analysis – freeing up important time generally spent discussing irrelevant points