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Story Homes drives business growth by connecting finance operations through the Anaplan platform.

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For UK property developer Story Homes, producing a three-year cash flow forecast required sifting through inconsistent data from dozens of build sites. As a result, data was often stale and the forecast was difficult to update. By bringing all site data into a central, consistent format on Anaplan, the company has accurate regional and national sales predictions, has extended long-range forecasts from one year to 15 years, and has greater accuracy, collaboration, and productivity.

[Anaplan] helped to distil away the noise. We’re getting live updates at levels of detail that just weren’t possible before.

John Story, Land Valuation Manager


Before Anaplan, producing a three-year cash flow forecast required finance leaders to sift painstakingly through non-standardized models across thirty different build sites. Story Homes couldn’t deliver data analytics to match the fast rate of business change, and existing servers couldn’t handle vast quantities of data. Although the resulting forecast produced the necessary information, it couldn’t be updated without significant effort. The finance team decided that a change was needed.


Story Homes’ finance team needed an immediate way to put an end to overly diverse financial modeling processes by bringing the company’s data into one central place. The team also needed a way to improve upon Excel’s limited ability to handle scale, multiple versions, and basic collaboration. The goal was to free critical processes from being trapped in siloed spreadsheets. Within three months, Story Homes implemented the Anaplan platform and began building ready-to-go models.


Using the Anaplan platform, Story Homes now has a single, real-time data source, leading to more accurate regional and national sales predictions. This has enabled the finance team to ask better questions and extended its ability to plan for the future. Long-range forecasts have been extended from one to fifteen years, and Anaplan’s cloud-based process has connected finance and operational teams, resulting in higher levels of accuracy, collaboration, and productivity.

Why Anaplan

Story Homes selected Anaplan for its ability to process large volumes of data efficiently. After seeing Anaplan instantly run reports of a 10 GB model that gave Story Homes previous trouble, the finance team knew that Anaplan was the right solution for their needs. Anaplan also fulfilled the team’s goal of reducing duplication of data and ensuring that everyone was working from the same reference point. The team could see that, in Anaplan, it’s all connected.