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Hewlett-Packard transforms territory and quota planning across the globe with Anaplan

Transform planningIncrease speed

The time gap between design and implementation of sales territories and quotas at HP could be as long as 120 days, resulting in lost time and momentum in sales cycles. Anaplan was brought in as part of a major consolidation of enterprise applications, and quickly proved its value when the four-month gap was reduced to several weeks. Now, the company has global visibility into quota attainment and sales performance on the first day of the fiscal year, sales letters are sent out in mere days, and areas for improvement are easily uncovered.

I have been at HP eight years, and I have never seen a start of a year like we had this year, thanks to Anaplan.

Sue Barsamian, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Indirect Sales


Before Anaplan, there was a gap between the design and implementation of HP’s annual territory and quota assignments. Disconnected spreadsheet-based planning processes led to unpredictable deployment and a lack of visibility into what was actually implemented in the field. This left sales leadership without transparency into quota attainment and an inability to effectively collaborate across 20,000 sales managers and hundreds of sales plans.


Closing the gap in territory and quota planning proved challenging for HP’s sales team until they found Anaplan. With Anaplan, HP was able to deploy the platform to hundreds of users across more than 50 countries within a matter of weeks and gain sales adoption-something that would have been unheard of prior to Anaplan.


Using the Anaplan platform, HP has global visibility into quota attainment and sales performance on day one of the fiscal year. Anaplan reduced the time spent aggregating sales data from a month to three days. Sales letters are now sent out in just days instead of weeks. Additionally, Anaplan’s advanced analytics capabilities enable HP’s sales team to identify places for improvement or business opportunities that would never have been uncovered when managing data in spreadsheets.

Why Anaplan

HP could not find a solution that met their needs, and planned to create their own home-grown solution, until they found Anaplan. The capabilities the sales team could get with Anaplan exceeded HP’s expectations and empowered the sales leadership to stretch beyond traditional ideas for quota deployment. Anaplan’s standout features included “what if” scenario modeling and the ability to handle an impressive volume of data with sub-second response times.