KinderCare Education’s FP&A team is no longer burdened by annual budgeting and planning

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Education and childcare provider KinderCare relied on slow “black box” budgeting spreadsheets. Now all lines of business collaborate on Anaplan, resulting in faster, more accurate, more transparent budgets.

Anaplan is the right solution for us; we can do so much more with this platform than just budgeting.

Jessica Maki, Senior Director of FP&A


As the leading provider of early-childhood education and care across the U.S., KinderCare Education centers accommodate over 158,000 children every single day. A tough budgeting season riddled with Excel issues and uncertainty left its FP&A team feeling drained by a time-consuming planning and budgeting environment, and ready to think outside the box.


After exhausting its resource potential and struggling to meet deadlines, Jessica Maki, Senior Director of FP&A at KinderCare, knew it was time to look for a tool that could centrally consolidate budgeting, price modeling, and labor scheduling. KinderCare found all this and more with the Anaplan platform, which provided its field leaders with the data visibility needed to make meaningful inputs and instill confidence in its business plans.


The platform’s flexibility allowed KinderCare to accommodate multiple lines of business-all with different methodologies and assumptions-within a central location. Its powerful speed allows the FP&A team to make updates and assumptions in seconds with consolidated, real-time results, and significantly improved planning processes, data integrity, and productivity. After implementing the Anaplan platform for its annual budgeting process, KinderCare expanded the platform into price modeling and labor scheduling, quickly constructing the necessary building blocks for a connected planning approach.

Why Anaplan

For KinderCare, financial planning needed to become less of an event; it was time to give its team their lives back. With the Anaplan platform, KinderCare was able to streamline and consolidate processes, simultaneously improving data and results, while enabling its operators to focus on what they do best: educating children and supporting families.