ServiceSource aligns workforce and finance plans with customer needs

Unifying workforce planning and FP&A delivers better-informed business decisions and OpEx savings

Finance at ServiceSourceConnected Planning at ServiceSource

ServiceSource struggled to align workforce objectives and business goals. By adopting Anaplan in finance and HR, business leaders can make fact-based, customer-centered decisions; operating expense was cut 15% in one year; and the FP&A team now spends 80% of its time providing analysis.

We can empower people to make better decisions and hold them accountable for driving results.

Vice President of Finance

With more than 3,000 customer service employees speaking 45 different languages in 11 revenue delivery centers worldwide, ServiceSource’s people become a high-performance extension of its clients’ teams. The company’s success depends on its ability to ramp its people quickly, scale smoothly, and sell faster to deliver the outcomes that matter to those clients.

Prior to implementing the Anaplan platform in late 2014, delivering on that promise required extensive manual effort. The FP&A team at ServiceSource spent too much time managing data in disparate sources, only to hope and pray that the numbers were right. Without the flexibility to adapt quickly to market changes, ServiceSource couldn’t determine where its organizational health truly stood, or effectively plan for the future.

The company needed a way to unify two core processes: workforce planning and traditional FP&A. Although other FP&A solutions could deliver basic planning and budgeting, these prescriptive products couldn’t cater to the workforce complexities of ServiceSource’s managed services business. Because of this, the siloed, prescriptive tools couldn’t support what ServiceSource wanted to do: bringing together two distinctly different planning scenarios on a single platform. Anaplan met this vision.

Before Anaplan, ServiceSource’s FP&A team spent 80 percent of its time processing numbers in spreadsheets. Now, they spend that time providing analytics and insights back to the business. With Anaplan, ServiceSource shifted the conversation away from generating and reconciling reports and toward analyzing data. With a detailed, real-time view into the business’ financial details, the company can make better-informed business decisions.

ServiceSource loved Anaplan’s platform approach, including its ability to scale. With Anaplan, the team got a rapid implementation that scaled up quickly and integrated all of its data in a central place. Ultimately, what set Anaplan apart was that it enabled ServiceSource’s finance team to manage its own destiny within the organization and become a strategic part of the business conversation.

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