StepStone improves sales forecasting, target setting, and territory alignment

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StepStone, a digital job board provider used by 60,000 companies in 20 countries, needed to move beyond spreadsheets for sales planning. Data volume, data security, and collaboration were big issues that their old process couldn’t address. After a rapid initial build, they were able to track sales reps’ targets, territories, and performance in one place. Soon they added competitive intelligence to determine granular market potential. Quarterly reforecasting and more-accurate targets have further improved efficiency and performance.

Wherever you use Excel templates in the business today, why not use Anaplan?

Jan Heiremans


Before Anaplan, StepStone relied on Excel spreadsheets for all of its sales planning. Because StepStone’s sales planning process involves market data across 400,000+ companies per country, Excel became too big to manage with a manual process. Additionally, there were concerns around emailing sensitive data to hundreds of employees, such as salaries and customer lists.


StepStone wasn’t actively looking for a solution when they saw a demo of Anaplan at an industry event. But after seeing the product in action, it was love at first sight. StepStone found the implementation process to be quick and efficient with little ramp-up required for its spreadsheet-savvy team. Impressively, the Anaplan team was able to build the first model in just two weeks.


With Anaplan, StepStone replaced countless spreadsheets with a single planning platform and now has a consolidated and consistent bottom-up input into the sales plan. The team has improved the accuracy of its sales targets, and data can now be shared more easily. By moving sales planning to the cloud, teams can now collaborate more efficiently and everyone sees the same set of data, eliminating version control issues. Now, StepStone’s COO sees a future where Excel isn’t needed.

Why Anaplan

After seeing a demo, StepStone saw the value that the Anaplan platform could bring to the organization and knew that not only would implementation be quick, but so would training and adoption. When it came time for the proof of concept, Anaplan was able to build a model of their disparate spreadsheets in just a matter of days, exciting the team for the future.