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$13.3 billion CAD

Challenge: Revamped service model calls for new compensation plan

TELUS introduced a new, company-wide model for customer service that required a complete overhaul of its incentive compensation plan. The existing plan ran on ancient technology—spreadsheets and 16-year-old databases—that delivered sales data three weeks after the pay period had ended. The number of call center agents increased from 2,000 to 7,000 worldwide, and the system was simply unable to scale.

Solution: Anaplan for Sales

To implement Anaplan for incentive compensation, Alyson Lougheed, Manager of Sales Compensation at TELUS, and Matthew Sturrock, Business Consultant at TELUS, partnered with both Anaplan and Voiant. Together, the group devised the business logic, designed their compensation model, and completed the build in five months. Lougheed and Sturrock now use the platform to manage incentive compensation for more than 7,000 call center agents.

Results: Collaboration rewarded, errors slashed

Lougheed and Sturrock have implemented an incentive program that rewards team performance and customer service. Sales culture has become far more collaborative. Sales data, reported weekly, gives managers and executives granular visibility into sales performance. The financial accruals’ monthly error rate has dropped from 15 percent to 1 percent. Many other calculations are now automated, freeing Sturrock to spend more time both managing and developing higher-level analytics.

Why Anaplan

When searching for an incentives platform, Lougheed and Sturrock had four priorities: the solution had to be flexible enough to adjust to TELUS’ new incentive structure, able to quickly process large volumes of data (more than 35 million transactions per month), scalable to handle new agents and currencies, and fast enough to provide error-free, actionable information. Anaplan was the only solution that met all of these criteria.

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